Weavers, Wanderers & Wigneys

Weavers, Wanderers & Wigneys

Tim King. Lasius Press, Oxford
ISBN: 978-1-910301-43-2

Published 18 September 2017 and available on Amazon.
Colourful family history, rags to riches, brewing in regency Brighton, parliament, Bank crash, rich relations, poverty, murder, emigration 18-19 C

Weavers, Wanderers & Wigneys traces the remarkable history of the Wigney family from humble weaving origins in Yorkshire to their rapid rise in the eighteenth century as wealthy bankers and brewers, becoming the pillars of society in Regency Brighton, spawning one of Brighton’s first MPs, Isaac Newton Wigney, who later resigned after the collapse of the Wigney Bank, Although his  descendants married well, they were to be involved in divorces, tragedies, elopements – even murders. But there were also poor, God-fearing Wigneys.  

Some Wigneys stayed in London, others emigrated to Australia,America and Canada. William Wigney V even fought in the American Civil War.

In charting the Wigney family history, Tim and Heather King have created a roller-coaster ride, based on personal memoirs, newspaper reports and exhaustive research. Set against a background of profound historical and social change, and lavishly illustrated, this book is an absolute must for anyone fascinated by the many lives and generations, grand and modest, that make up all our family histories.


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