Dr Tim King

Dr Tim King

Dr Tim King is an author with wide-ranging biological interests. Predominantly a grassland ecologist, he has produced the most complete explanation of any plant community in terms of the population dynamics of its species, that of the CG7 ant-hill community in CG2 grassland. He has also researched on deserts, seed germination, chalk grassland succession, forest dynamics and floodplain meadows, and is knowledgeable about ants. He has an Oxford University MA, doctorate and postgraduate statistics qualification, and an MSc from Imperial in Creative Non-fiction writing. As a scientific ecologist he has published seventeen papers (>500 citations, h-index 11), mainly on the ant Lasius flavus and plants. He has research sites at Aston Rowant NNR and in Virginia, and does some ecological consultancy.

Tim King has written ten textbooks including the seminal introductory text Ecology (1980, 1989, translated into Icelandic). He has taught part-time for Oxford University and the Open University, and has tutored numerous field courses at home and abroad. He was a deputy head at Abingdon School after teaching at Westminster School and Magdalen College School, Oxford. He is completing his first popular science book, Could an ant ride a bicycle?

Tim King was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Biology (now the Royal Society of Biology) in 1989 for his contributions for ecology and teaching. He has been a Research Member/ Academic Visitor at Wolfson College, Oxford since 1999. He has also held schoolteacher fellowships in three Cambridge colleges, for a term at a time. He was lay member on DEFRA’s Committee (COMEAP) on the Medical Effects of Air Pollution from 2005-2012, and in 2010 was commissioned to write the National Air Pollution Handbook.

He is a dedicated member of the British Ecological Society, a Fellow of the Linnaean Society of London and attends numerous symposia and research talks. He has an Oxford University Undergraduate Certificate in Computing, and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. In 2013 he made a five-minute appearance on ‘The One Show’, helping George MacGavin to explain the ecology of ant-hills on the Porton ranges.

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